SmashBets Privacy Statement

Version 0.1 - 20 September 2021

SmashBets ("SB," "We," "Our," "Us" or "The Stream") is a service provided to you ("User" or "Users", "Player" or "Players").

SmashBets collects your Glimesh public user ID when you watch or play. This is your unique identifier on Glimesh, made available via Glimesh API, which is publicly available. This data is necessary in order for you to interact with any aspect of our stream. It enables you to input bets and keep track of your SmashCash (virtual currency, used to bet on matches). You will not be able to take part in SmashBets without it.

If you visit our companion website,, we will also log your IP address in our traffic logs, along with the page that was visited and the timestamp of the visit, as is common on the web. If you choose to log in to our website with your Glimesh account, we will also log the Glimesh public user ID associated with the visit.

We collect this data to:

1) identify malicious traffic
2) diagnose website and stream issues
3) enforce stream rules over alternate account abuse
4) verify an account holder during suspension appeals.
You do not need to log in to our companion website via Glimesh in order to use our API or Leaderboard.

We do not and will never knowingly collect any information that can be used to identify you personally.

Thanks for playing!